Dezi was born in Sydney, Australia.

After completing a Psychology degree in 1983 she had her own private counseling practice. In addition to supporting clients from this perspective she also studied alternative medicine incorporating health modalities that were more holistic (dealing with mind and body and the governing principles behind them) into her consulting. This created life-changing benefits for her clients.

Dezi moved to California from Australia at the end of 2003.
She and her partner opened an Asian antique gallery called Kanji in the same year. During the gallery’s 3 ½ years, she thoroughly enjoyed owning a business that incorporated creativity, rapport skills, problem solving, selling, marketing, networking and design.

In 2004 she completed the Fast Track program with the Christopher Howard Companies (CHC).
The trainings from this Program incorporate a hybrid blend of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Results Technologies and Hypnosis.

Over the last 4 years, Dezi has also had her own private practice as a Results/Life Coach and Trainer working with individual clients and companies.

Whether working with clients individually, or in large groups from a platform she delights in working with people and assisting them to create their goals and achieve their full potential. It is all about augmenting change and assisting clients to move powerfully forward to create the results they want in their life – be it in the arena of business, health and fitness or relationships.

In January 2007 she was selected to be a Christopher Howard Coach and Trainer.
For the past 4 years she has given classes and crewed for CHC both in the US and Australia.
She has taught classes at several of their major trainings including: Results Training, Master Results Training, Presentation and Platform Skills Training and Billionaire Bootcamp.

With Dezi’s extensive background she works in 3 main areas:

1) Health and Fitness & Improving Overall Performance

  • Improvement in one’s level of health (mind/body) &fitness
  • Overall performance and vitality
  • Increasing sports performance
  • Enhancing artistic performance
  • Weight management
  • Dealing with emotional and behavioral issues
  • Pain control
  • Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health (MVAH)
  • Pulse Analysis
  • Daily and Seasonal Routines
  • Diet and Digestion
  • Women’s Health

2) Business

Clients range from individuals to corporations, working with entrepreneurs and CEOs who want to grow their companies, improve productivity and performance and increase their revenue.

3) Relationships

  • Improving communication and rapport skills
  • Values Alignment
  • Negotiation
  • Behavioral Flexibility
  • Love Languages
  • Changes in Family Dynamics
  • Behavioral and emotional issues

For Dezi, continuing education is a priority. This allows her to offer the most effective cutting edge tools and skill sets to clients, which will have the greatest impact on their outcomes. Strategies are designed to take individuals from where thy are now to a new “successful” way of being; to commit and take action, integrate change, maintain results and achieve future short and long term goals.